A toast to the best things in life. Bourbon included.
5 Must-Have Whiskey Glasses for the Perfect Pour
5 Must-Have Whiskey Glasses for the Perfect Pour

Regular glasses are fine for some things, but not for bourbon. To truly honor the spirit’s flavor, scent, and color, you need a vessel that enhances every aspect of the whiskey you’re pouring.  

Do right by Daviess County bourbon and reach for one of these five suggested glasses. 

Viski bronze-rimmed tumbler set
Travel back to the swinging ’60s with these bronze-rimmed tumblers, which have a sleek midcentury modern flair while providing a sturdy base for your drink. The crystal cup is complemented by a stainlesssteel band that’s overlaid with bronze, and it holds 8 ounces for the perfect after-work pour. $35 for set of two 


Corksicle whiskey wedge
Part modern art, part practical bar accessory, this striking glass features a silicone slice that encourages a smooth and icy sip. Freeze the tumbler in advance, then take your time enjoying your drink while the wedge slowly melts. $19.95 for one 


Reidel rocks tumbler
You might associate this brand with wine, but rest assured, it’s just as respected with liquor. The lead-free crystal glasses are made in collaboration with spirits specialist Zane Harris to give specific attention to size, shape, volume, and capacity for ice (these can accommodate both regular cubes and trendy larger spheres). $29.90 for a set of two 


Denver & Liely whisky glass
Hand-blown, hand-cut, and hand-polished, this lead-free crystal glass was recently rated the No. 1 whiskey glass in the world by Forbes magazine. It’s actually gained a lot of media traction for its scientific origin story, having been meticulously created and perfected by engineers. If you’re into “high performance,” this is your whiskey glass. $40 for one 


Final Touch On the Rocks glass
Just as you’d swirl wine to release its fragrance, you should give your whiskey a little wobble to stimulate its many qualities. The mountain-like peak of this intriguing glass helps do exactly that, and the included ice mold creates a satisfying ball shape to evenly chill the liquid. $21.99 for one

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