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How to Create an Infinity Bottle
How to Create an Infinity Bottle

If you’ve dipped your toes into the exciting world of whiskey blending—and are ready to dive deeper—creating your own infinity bottle is the perfect next step. Infinity bottles represent the ultimate personalized drinking experience and offer unlimited potential for a lifetime of unique, ever-evolving drams. 

At Daviess County Bourbon, we’ve crafted whiskeys that are ideal for creating your own infinity bottle. With a few tips and tricks, it’s a perfect project that’s not only delicious, but will also help elevate your palate, improve your whiskey knowledge, and ensure hints of your favorite bottles live on forever.   


Infinity Bottle Basics 

An infinity bottle is exactly what its name suggests—it’s a bottle of mixed spirits that never ends because it’s constantly being replenished as it’s consumed.  

Since it consists of a variety of whiskeys (or another spirit like rum or gin), you have total control over your bottle’s unique flavor, as well as the freedom to adjust and experiment over time. All of Daviess County’s Bourbon’s variants are ideal whiskeys to work with because our signature style is based on our own blending expertise.  


How to Make an Infinity Bottle at Home  

Creating your own infinity bottle is easy, especially when you consider the lifetime of enjoyment your bottle guarantees. To get started, you’ll need to gather the following:  

  • A clean glass bottle with a tight-fitting lid  
  • A base whiskey 
  • Additional whiskeys for blending

Then, simply pour your whiskeys (in whatever ratio you please) into the bottle and enjoy.  

The most important step happens after you pour yourself a dram, when you’ll need to replace the same volume of liquid you poured out. This can be done with one of the whiskeys you already used or with something new. Consistently refilling your bottle every time you pour a drink is crucial to maintaining it over time.  


Evolving Your Infinity Bottle  

The beauty of an infinity bottle lies in how it evolves over time—alongside your preferences, palate, and whiskey collection. The flavors will marry as they sit in the bottle, and its taste will change each time you refill.  

A key to making your infinity bottle a delicious success is to be intentional with each addition. You should think about the flavors of each ingredient you add, and how they’ll work in harmony with what’s already in the bottle.  

If one of your additions doesn’t pair well (for example, you add a high-proof whiskey that makes the blend too harsh), you can always remedy it with your next addition (in this case, adding a soft, mellow whiskey to round out the flavor).  

Spirits aren’t the only things that can go in an infinity bottle. Infusing it with dry ingredients can add depth and complexity as you evolve your blend. Take a look at these ideas to get you started: 

  • Cloves 
  • Cinnamon 
  • Nutmeg 
  • Citrus powder 
  • Dried herbs 


Get Started with Daviess County Bourbon 

All our variants at Daviess County Bourbon are ideally suited for starting your own infinity bottle. Our Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Cabernet Sauvignon Finish, French Oak Barrel Finish, Double Barrel Limited Edition Finish, and our soon-to-be-released Light Toast Finish all offer the unique, high-quality flavor that will help your creation shine.  

The possibilities are as limitless as an infinity bottle’s shelf life, and creating your own bottle is the perfect way to embrace your creative side—as well as your love of whiskey. If you want to learn more about the art of whiskey blending, and how you can make the most of your infinity bottle, check out our Whiskey Blending 101 Guide to learn more. 

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