A toast to the best things in life. Bourbon included.

Each Daviess County Bourbon has unique characteristics. So, pairing a specific variant with a craft cocktail could help you kick your concoctions up a notch. Depending on which variant you choose, cocktails can take on slightly different characteristics. Last month, we discussed this difference by explaining what finishing barrels are and how they affect Daviess County Bourbon.

Crafting spirits involves many processes, and those processes help develop the complexity that we have all come to love and admire in a bottle of bourbon whiskey. One of those processes that we use for our Daviess County Bourbon is called finishing. Finishing is when a product is aged in one barrel (which for bourbon has to be a brand new American white oak barrel) and then poured into another barrel (also called a cask) for a determined amount of time.  

Ask any bourbon distiller what the best way to taste or sip bourbon is, and you’ll probably get quite the blend of answers. However, we can all agree that no matter how you drink it–sipped, shot, on the rocks, neat, etc.–all that matters is that you enjoy it.

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