Crafty Bourbon Cocktails

A smooth-sipping whiskey like Daviess County Bourbon is always enjoyed neat. But when the occasion calls for something more, try one of these classic or contemporary bourbon cocktail recipes – created by some of the industry’s finest mixologists. They’re sure to make any moment one to remember.


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Show — or earn — some Southern pride with this Kentucky staple of bourbon, crushed ice, and simple syrup. Just don’t forget the mint.

Show — or earn — some Southern pride with this Kentucky staple of bourbon, crushed ice, and simple syrup. Just don’t forget the mint.
2 ounces Daviess County Kentucky Straight Bourbon
2 teaspoons water
2 teaspoons powdered sugar
4 mint leaves

In a highball glass or mint julep cup, gently muddle the mint, sugar, and water. Fill the glass with crushed ice, add bourbon and stir until the glass is well frosted. Garnish with a mint sprig.
Classic Cocktail, Julep, Mint, Summer, Sweet



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Rounded out the daviesscountybourbon collection with the red label (finished in Cabernet Sauvignon casks). Definitely get the red wine on the nose with a little milk chocolate. On the tongue, the bite is up front followed by the fruitiness of the wine and a soft oak finish. Very easy sipper for a Sunday evening. Enjoying what Lux Row is doing. Here’s to a new week — Cheers! 🥃 #daviesscountybourbon #luxrowdistillers #kentuckybourbon #bourbon #bourbonwhiskey #bourbonwhisky #bourboncommunity #bourboncountry #bourbondrinker #bourbonenthusiast #bourbonhunter #bourbonlife #bourbonlifestyle #bourbonneat #bourbonobsessed #bourbonporn #neat #sundayfunday #614columbus #614drinks #homebar
Limited Edition daviesscountybourbon double barrel bourbon collaboration with ducksunlimitedinc . Grabbed this 96 proof bottle luxrowdistillers visitor center last week. Finished in level 2 char toasted Missouri white oak barrels with toasted heads, this whiskey has a smokey nose and taste as well as showcases strong spice throughout. While most bourbons mellow with a double barrel or toasted style finish, this brown water is enhanced by the finish and build character in the pour.
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New lineup of bourbon from luxrowdistillers Daviess County
All 96 proofers. Have a cabernet sauvigon finish, a french oak finish and good ol regular bourbon!!

30 Days of Bourbon Challenge 
Day 22
Vintage Cigar Lounge Bourbon Heritage Month Flight
Daviess County French Oak 
Rebel 100
Ezra Brooks 99

#30DaysofBourbon #30daysofbourbonchallenge 
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Daviess County⁠
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey⁠
Finished in French Oak Casks⁠
Lux Row Distillers⁠
96 Proof⁠
The bottle back label tells us "This unique bourbon finished in French oak casks honors the rich history and tradition started in 1874 by the Daviess County Distilling Co - one of Kentucky's original distilleries that helped contribute to the state's reputation as the home of great bourbon." Apparently, back in the day, Daviess County was home to 20 distilleries, although today that number has dwindled to 3.⁠
This is a fairly unique bourbon. It is the combination of both a straight wheated bourbon and a tradition straight rye bourbon. Rather than four grains being used for the initial distillate, as in some four grain bourbons, this one is a blend (or mingling as people like to say nowadays) of the 2 straight bourbons.⁠
Let's taste it:⁠
🛏 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn⁠
👉🏻Nose: Caramel, vanilla, rye spice, hint of chocolate, fruit stripe gum & bubble gum. There's a little mustiness, but not in a bad way. Moderate alcohol⁠
👉🏻Taste: Caramel, rye spice, honey sweetness, light bubblegum⁠
👉🏻Finish: Sweetness and spice continue and moderate oak develops with some light char; Bubblegum lingers as well. Mild alcohol. Moderately long finish.⁠
This is an interesting one. I bought this bottle back when it was first released, maybe 6 or 8 months ago. I have to say, I really wasn't a fan. I mean it was OK, but it tasted to me like a cross between Wild Turkey 101 and OGD 114, both of which I really like, but this one is twice the price so I figured I would just stick with those two. So, I put it on the shelf and forgot about it.⁠
Well, I have to say this is yet another bourbon that has really changed with time. The flavors are now much more complex (where did the fruity gum and vanilla flavors come from??) and I am enjoying it quite a bit!⁠
Have you tried this bourbon? What did you think? Did yours change over time, too? Happy #ThirstyThursday! Cheers!🥃⁠

I was very kindly sent this bottle a few weeks back by bourbon_cask and thought it was time to get it cracked open and give it a go. 

Daviess County bourbon distilling company’s history is long and strong. Dating back to 1874, was one of the first distilleries in Kentucky.

Like so many great distilleries, they disappeared but luxrowdistillers have now just recently revived this brand.

This straight bourbon is a combinations of two mashbills. A wheated and a rye which I suspect is coming from Heaven Hill until their own stocks are ready. Bottled at 96 Proof. It is not available in the UK at the moment but retails in US at around $40.

This bottle is one of three in the range which also includes a Cabernet Sauvignon and French Oak finish.

bourbon_cask also sent me a sample of the French Oak and will give that a go soon also.  I tried this over a period of a week so let’s see how this one is.

It took a while for the nose to open up on this and it is quite light but brings vanilla, oak, peanut, spice and a little citrus. 

Brown sugar, black peppercorn, vanilla and honey. Oak spice and some sweet butterscotch.

Short to Medium. Oak, mint, creamy toffee, clove, citrus and some peanut again. 

The nose leads you to think that this will be quite a light and tame profile but the palate delivers plenty of sweetness and spice. The peanut was an element that I wasn’t expecting and whilst it’s not dominant, it was certainly there for me. The finish again gives you that rye spice and sweet wheat with some citrus.

This is a solid pour and is an easy sipper which I enjoyed. It would be a great introduction into bourbon for people also. Looking forward to trying the other variants in the range now.

Have you had this and what are your thoughts?

Thanks again to bourbon_cask 

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💙 #mondayblues never tasted so good. 🥃💙
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• thanks caskcartel for the sample of daviesscountybourbon straight bourbon . Nose is straightforward Carmel and vanilla, reminds me when I pour bourbon on vanilla ice cream 😋 . Palate vanilla and spice spice, the rye really stands out hints of clove and cinnamon dance all over the tongue.  Finish ; given how smooth it was I figured it would be short, but surprisingly medium length finish that turns into a wethers caramel candy
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